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Model UVL432-1000

Businesses are hyper-aware of the need to implement upgraded safety measures in the workplace. With this in mind, the concept of the UV Locker was born. The UV Locker is a safe and effective way to disinfect your shared devices such as tools, mobile computers, tablets, or almost any object that will fit inside. The larger size makes it easier to disinfect many items at one time. 

UV Locker takes a targeted approach to UVC disinfection which is useful for irregularly shaped objects. The UV Locker irradiates its contents with germicidal ultraviolet-C light, which is proven to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses such as influenza and coronaviruses*.

Simply place your devices inside the UV Locker and set the timer for your desired irradiation level. Use the supplied dosimeter card to confirm UVC efficacy.

*Not a medical device. Does not treat or prevent diseases. Effects on UVC rays on microorganisms based on publicly available white paper scientific publications. 

 EPA Est. No 99374-TX-1


 Made in USA

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Key Features

- Shatter-proof UV filtering window for safe viewing.
- Safety switch disconnects power when the door is opened.
- Mercury-free, environmentally friendly.
- Durable powder-coated steel construction.
- UVC wavelength band (germicidal range).
- Rear storage for power strips and chargers.
- UVC LED rays, mounted above and below the shelf, flood the contents with UVC light that kills microorganisms*.
- Reflective aluminum surfaces assist with equal distribution of UVC rays and eliminate blind spots.
- Instant on/off, no warm-up time required.
- LED life far exceeds the life of traditional UV bulbs.
- Lockable door (key included).


- 12VDC, safe, low-voltage operation (110VAC, plug-in adapter included, simply plug power cord into the wall).
- Programmable timer up to 99 minutes.
- Fixed shelf: 12" x 36" (432 square inches)
- 7" clearance above the shelf.
- Dimensions: 36.3"W x 19"D x 14"H (92cm x 48cm x 36cm)Opening size: 32" x 6.75"Weight: 46lbs (20.9 kg)

Kills 99.9999% Of Tested Bacteria

UV-Locker was independently tested by an accredited microbiological laboratory facility. The independent laboratory test report by TTI Labs shows UV-Locker kills 99.9999% of tested bacteria and inactivates 99.99999999% of the SARS-CoV virus*. A copy of the lab test results is available upon request at info@uvlockers.com. *results may vary

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