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Places of learning, by their very nature, are a gathering of people. From primary education right on through to colleges and universities, people gather together to pass wisdom and knowledge from teacher to student. And right along with them go bacteria and viruses. Let’s face it, our schools are ground zero for the transmission of harmful, even deadly diseases. Hundreds, even thousands of people utilizing facilities and equipment designed specifically to be shared, with students moving from one place to the next, leaving behind germs that can live for hours, days, even weeks on some surfaces.

Here's the thing...

Many surfaces in an educational facility can be sanitized using conventional soap-and-water techniques. But many cannot. Electronic devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets can’t be submerged in liquids. Solvents and cleansers can be difficult to use consistently and effectively, not to mention the fact that these methods require discipline and require exposing workers to solvents that they may have adverse reactions to. To make matters worse, prolonged repetitive use of some solvents on certain plastics or components can damage them over time.

Other devices are just as difficult to clean safely….lab equipment, barcode scanners, audio-visual equipment, musical instruments, and many other items that can’t be submerged in water but are too irregularly-shaped to trust to a solvent-soaked rag. And even if they could be cleaned by hand, would they be cleaned consistently and timely?

Enter the UV Locker. Irregular-shaped devices and equipment fit inside with ease, and a quick 1-minute* soak in Ultraviolet-C light decontaminates the surfaces. Consistently. Conveniently.

*Disinfection time varies depending on targeted microorganism. Not a medical device. Does not treat or prevent diseases.

Reduce Lost School Days

Nearly 22 million school days are lost annually due to the common cold.

Keep kids healthier

More than two-thirds of school-aged children will miss significant school time due to illness.

Consistent, Effective Cleaning

52.2 million cases of the common cold affect Americans under the age of 17 each year.

Using UV Locker in Education

UV Lockers positioned in accessible areas give teachers, administrators, staff and even students the opportunity to sanitize devices, equipment, and tools before being passed on to the next user. Operation is as simple as placing the devices inside the locker, closing the door, and pressing a button. The next person can use the equipment with the confidence of knowing it has been cleaned and that they are at a far lower risk of exposure to harmful germs and bacteria. Make it a part of the daily routine to ensure the safety and well being of everyone.

UV Locker uses LED technology as opposed to traditional glass bulbs. The LEDs last much longer than glass bulbs, which are, of course, subject to breakage and contain harmful mercury. The LED technology used in UV Locker will result in a much lower cost-of-ownership over time, with less down time and safer operation.

UV Locker requires absolutely no training and setup is as simple as locating it on a stable surface and plugging it in. Just insert devices, press start, and wait 10 minutes. 

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Kills 99.9999% Of Tested Bacteria

UV Locker was independently tested by an accredited microbiological laboratory facility. The independent laboratory test report by TTI Labs shows UV Locker kills 99.9999% of tested bacteria and inactivates 99.99999999% of the SARS-CoV virus*. A copy of the lab test results is available upon request at info@uvlockers.com *Results may vary

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