UV Locker for
Distribution Centers

Most distribution centers work at a fast and furious pace. People moving, product moving...and germs moving right along with them. Some germs can live for days or even weeks on some surfaces and are easily transferred to from one surface to another or to workers. Without proper sanitization, workers risk infection followed by disease and illness. UV Locker mitigates the risk, keeping your workers safe and healthy.

Here's the thing...

In the typical distribution center, workers are asked to use a variety of tools, equipment, and devices throughout the day as they accomplish their tasks. Everything from mobile devices, like barcode scanners and walkie-talkies, to simple tools like box knives and tape guns. All useful and essential equipment in the life of the distribution center. All are also ideal for transporting germs carrying bacteria and viruses from one worker to the next. Ultimately these germs can even make it home.

It can be difficult to sanitize these shared tools effectively, and those that do will typically use traditional methods of solvents and cleaners. These methods require discipline and can expose workers to solvents that may cause adverse reactions. Cleaning irregular shaped objects can be difficult, and even if the attempt is made, it’s inconsistent. To make matters worse, when used over long periods of time these cleaners can cause degradation on housings and components.  

The UV Locker solves all these challenges above. Irregular-shaped tools and devices fit inside the spacious cabinet, and a quick 1-minute* soak in Ultraviolet-C light decontaminates the surfaces. Consistently. Conveniently.

*Disinfection time varies depending on the targeted microorganism. Not a medical device. Does not treat or prevent diseases. 

Keep Employees On The Job

It’s estimated that each year in the U.S., 110 million work-days are lost due to the flu alone.

Mitigate Healthcare Costs

Each year the flu has a direct medical economic impact of more than $10 Billion.

Consistent, Effective Cleaning

Don’t expose workers to potentially harmful or irritating cleaners or solvent.

Using UV Locker in Distribution Centers

A UV Locker, installed in a central location, gives workers the opportunity to sanitize their tools and devices before being passed on to the next person or the next shift. Operation is as simple as placing the devices inside the locker, closing the door, and pressing a button. The next worker can use the equipment with the confidence of knowing it has been cleaned and that they are at a far lower risk of exposure to harmful germs and bacteria.

UV Locker uses LED technology as opposed to traditional glass bulbs. The LEDs last much longer than glass bulbs, which are, of course, subject to breakage and also contain harmful mercury. The LED technology used in UV Locker will result in a much lower cost-of-ownership over time, with less down time and safer operation.

UV Locker requires absolutely no training and setup is as simple as locating it on a stable surface and plugging it in. Just insert devices, press start, and wait 10 minutes.

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Kills 99.9999% Of Tested Bacteria

UV Locker was independently tested by an accredited microbiological laboratory facility. The independent laboratory test report by TTI Labs shows UV-Locker kills 99.9999% of tested bacteria and inactivates 99.99999999% of the SARS-CoV virus*. A copy of the lab test results is available upon request at info@uvlockers.com. *Results may vary

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